ESG Activities尊重员工

Initiatives for Human Resource Development

A Focus on Developing Autonomous Employee

The OKI Group is focusing on fostering autonomous employees who act, not self-righteously, but based on their own values, and who also can create results by involving people in the organization according to their roles. In order to promote employee autonomy, the whole Group is working on developing human resources through on-the-job training (OJT) based on practical experience and direction in the workplace, and off-the-job training (OffJT) through internal and external training, as well as self-development and support systems.

Autonomous Employee
  • Make correct decisions based on one's own value standards and be capable of self-management
  • 基于使命(一个人在组织中的一个人的角色),发现问题并寻找自己的解决方案
  • Act with a logical mind
  • Respond quickly without missing the right timing

Training Curriculum by Purpose

To provide an appropriate and effective training curriculum to its employees, the OKI Group delivers a wide range of training programs: training by hierarchical levels from new recruits to executives; training for business skills including marketing, innovation, accounting, and foreign languages; and departmental training to hone professional expertise, such as sales, technical and production skills. Furthermore, with the knowledge that it is essential for employees to build an image of their own career path for their own development, the OKI Group supports employee growth such as with the Career Design Training program where employees take stock of their own career at the ages of 30, 40 and 50.

Developing Executive Talent

In order to gradually develop management executives and business leaders who will be responsible for the OKI Group from a young age, we are carrying out development trainings for the next-generation of executives to help selected employees' growth through their own hard work by participating in internal training programs and going to external business schools. As well as fostering executive candidates who can execute policies and make decisions to innovate and achieve discontinuous growth in the midst of rapid change, we are implementing tough assignments that require on-site practice. Moreover, not only for young employees but also for executives and senior management, seminars with in-house and outside experts as lecturers are regularly held to provide the opportunity to acquire the literacy required for management. By thinking and talking about OKI's future, our management philosophy and Action Principles, executives themselves continue to learn and think, leading to the guidance and training for the younger generation.


In order to gradually develop management executives andIn order to build a vibrant workplace culture amid a drastically changing and increasingly complex world where OKI is able to pave the way for new initiatives such as innovation creation and work style reforms without fear of failure, it is necessary to create a psychologically safe and secure atmosphere. In other words, we are working on a “say, can say, and listen” approach, where employees can talk with each other, where constructive criticism beyond personal interests and positions is accepted. To that end, in addition to training of individuals, we are conducting two-way communication trainings aimed at fostering a culture of “say, can say, and listen” to build a relationship of trust in the organization, that is, to start a cycle of success from the quality of our relationships with each other. This is not training through lectures, but instead it is a type of training consisting of workshops within departments and a five-month program that brings the workplace together, which aims to foster a positive climate and culture through open communication.

A workshop in action

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